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Nov 27 - New Release; 0.3.8. This version contains some bugfixes, reduced memory foot print and a new feature called softlock. Softlock will return an empty mailbox instead of an error, to the client, if it's locked.

Jul 22 - New Release; 0.3.7. There was a minor error in the configure script that caused it to return incorrect information which would cause a build to fail.

Jul 21 - New Release; 0.3.6. A year worth of hard work have been put into this release. It contains several fixes to improve stability and a couple of new features, such as expiring messages based on age.

Feb 10 - New Snapshot; 20030210. More then half of a year has passed since the last release. This snapshot contains several bugfixes and new features. In the enclosed ChangeLog you can find a list of all bigger changes.

Jun 11 - New Release; 0.3.5. A release with virtually no new feature. Instead it contains lots of improvents to already existing functionality. Almost all possible quirks have been worked out to give you, the end user, one of the most stable versions so far.

Apr 10 - New Release; 0.3.4. Finally a new release is out. This release includes all the feature previously just available in snapshots, like OpenLDAP and Java support. Except for all the new great features, you will also find a couple of stability fixes.

Jan 14 - New Snapshot; 20020114. No, development of Teapop has not stalled. Quite the opposite to be honest. Besides the already announced Java support, there is now also support for OpenLDAP. A fully stand-alone POP-before-SMTP solution is included. And much more goodies...

Oct 10 - New Snapshot; 20011010. The first announced snapshot (even though there have been unannounced one) is out. Try out some of the bleeding edge features in Teapop. You will for instance find java authentication, but also bugfixes which has not yet made it into a release.

Sep 2 - New Release; 0.3.3. The issue with Teapop not unlocking mailboxes properly has been corrected.

Aug 29 - New Release; 0.3.2. The newest and so far most stable version of Teapop is released to a not so unexpecting world. Mailbox locking through both fcntl and lockf is added to cater to most environments.

Jun 23 - New Release; 0.3.1. The Maildir support has been improved, the syslog messages improved to contain more information and to be more clear. The POP-before-SMTP routine has been changed to give the system administrator even more power.

Jun 14 - New Crew Member; Ivan F. Martinez. We would like to welcome him as the newest member to the development team for Teapop. He has already written a Java-authentication module which will be included in 0.4.0.

Apr 2 - New Release; 0.3.0. After much blood, sweat and tears, it's finally here. The code has been greatly improved. There are also new features, like Maildir capabilities and support for whoson. It's strongly recommended for all Teapop users to upgrade to this version; support for the old 0.20-branch will be dropped.

Mar 24 - Packages; The NetBSD-team have made a package of Teapop. Now all NetBSD users can enjoy the ease of installing Teapop through the packaging system on NetBSD. For more info on NetBSD packages, visit their home page at http://www.netbsd.org. You will find Teapop in mail/teapop.

Jan 12 - Temporary Home; As of today this site has moved to a new temporary home, along with the maillist. Things might be a bit funny for a day or two while we are fixing all quirks.

Dec 21 - New Release; 0.28. Support for Dynamic Relay Authorization Control (DRAC) is added, which is an interface for POP before SMTP between POP3 servers and serveral popular SMTP-servers. Both the source code and the distribution has been cleanup, so the distribution file is smaller than the previous ones.

Nov 16 - New Release; 0.27. With this version you get support for MySQL. The implementation is similar to the flexible and well proven PostgreSQL support. It's now also possible to use existing UIDLs, taken from X-UIDL: headers.

Aug 11 - New Layout; As of yesterday the layout of this page has changed. However, some information is still old and being rewritten. Most energy is put into making Teapop better, but we hope to have all information up to date here soon.

Aug 10 - New Release; 0.26. This version contains a stability patch. It's therefore recommended to upgrade to this version. It also contains support for authentication from Apache htpasswd-files, support for Solaris 8 and some improvements to the PostgreSQL code.

Aug 9 - Support; Finally there is a maillist for people who are using Teapop. It is open to people looking for help/support and just general chat about Teapop. It's called teapop-users, and there are two ways to subscribe to it. Either e-mail listar@lists.toontown.org with subscribe teapop-users in the body or e-mail teapop-users-request@lists.toontown.org with subscribe in the subject line.

Jul 10 - Packages; The FreeBSD team have imported Teapop to their ports tree. This will make it easier for FreeBSD users to install/update Teapop on their servers. For more info on FreeBSD ports, visit their homepage at http://www.freebsd.org/. You will find Teapop in mail/teapop.

Jun 24 - New Release; v0.25. Support for FreeBSD 4.0 & HP-UX

May 10 - New Release; v0.24. In certain environments, with inetds not behaving as expected, Teapop could start eating up resources.

May 2 - New Release; v0.23. It contains a couple of bugfixes that might make your life as an admin easier, but the most interesting feature is the PostgreSQL support.

Jan 14 - New Release; v0.22. It's *strongly* suggested you upgrade to this version.