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Currently there are two offical forums for support and discussion about Teapop. Both are mailing lists, which is freely avaiable for anyone interested. Currently we do not offer commercial support, but if there ever is a significant demand for this we will look into this issue. If you are interested in seeing commercial support, do feel free to show your interest. However, we urge you to try one of the existing forums, most issues there have be solved promptly.

The mailing list availble are:
  • teapop-users -
This is the general support forum. If you are in need of help configuring Teapop, or are wondering about some feature in Teapop, this is the place to ask.
  • teapop-devel -
Intended for those of you who are interested in enhancement and the future for Teapop. If you have a patch, or two, with new features you want to share, you definitely want to join this list.

To join any of these two mailing lists, you will need to send an email to ecartis@lists.toontown.org with subscribe teapop-users or subscribe teapop-devel in the body. You should pick the string that matches the mailing list you are interested in. It is possible to subscribe to both lists at once by writing both strings on separate lines in the body. You can also click on one of these two short-cuts to subscribe to either teapop-users or teapop-devel.

After you followed the above instructions and sent your request, you will get a confirmation letter back. You must read through it carefully and follow the instructions in it, or you will not be added/subscribed to the mailing list. The confirmation letter will be sent out almost instantly, but the time before it will appear in your mailbox may vary depending on your email provider. In most cases you should have it with in minutes, at most. This extra step is added to avoid human errors, like incorrect email address, and also to protect against abusers who adds innocent people to mailing lists they have no interest in.

Both mailing lists are archived on-line. We have decided to password protect them, to counteract harvesting, of email addresses, by spammers. Anyone can easily request a password for the list(s) they are subscribed to. The request will be handled in real-time fully automatic, so it will not cause any delays or inconvenience. To read the mailing list archives and/or request a password, go to:


You may also use one of the addresses below:

For all other issues/questions we suggest using one of the above mentioned mailing lists.